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American Dilemma: Pay Rent or Buy Food
These are working people - your co-workers, your friends, military families, or perhaps, even you. They often make the choice between paying rent and feeding their family.... Read More


Cost of Obamacare Hitting Small Businesses Harder Than Expected?
The initial forecast for the cost of Obamacare for small businesses may have been off target, hitting small businesses a lot harder than expected... Read More


Unemployment's Down? Job Growth's Up? (Building Our Own Graphs-Part
One of the primary objectives the team at BACK IN THE USA is driven to meet, is delving into areas that directly affect the average citizen's ever day life. Unemployment and job growth are a huge part... Read More


'Made in the World' vs. 'Made in America': What Does It All Mean?
Have you heard about the proposed new "Made in the World" labels? No? If you haven’t, you’re not alone; an informal poll of friends and colleagues generated such comments as, "Is this really a thi... Read More



Is Your Phone Bouncing from 4G to 2G? You Might be Getting Hacked
. The Cryptophone, one of several new products designed to prevent security leaks, recently released interesting data their customers' phones intercepted. The phones identified 17 unidentified cell to... Read More


Not Mad Science: The Heart Beat You Can See From Across the Room
It may seem like "Mad Science," but it's real…the electronic heart membrane that you can see beating from across the room. And it is currently beating outside of its host, a rabbit, which is why you... Read More

Agriculture (2)
Aircraft (1)
Auto (18)
Apparel (123)
Arts and Crafts (24)
Beverages (15)
Business Supply (21)
Construction/Building (20)
Education (1)
Electronics (16)
Entertainment (2)
Food (18)
Farm and Garden (6)
Finance (0)
Health (4)
Hobbies (1)
Hardware (16)
Household (101)
Industrial (47)
Insurance (0)
Jewelry (19)
Machinery (0)
Medical (5)
Music (15)
Photo (1)
Personal Care (21)
Pet Supplies (21)
RV's and Trailers (1)
Real Estate (0)
Services (17)
Sporting Goods (90)
Tools (17)
Toys (20)
Travel (19)  

Alabama (8) Alabama Flag
Alaska (5) Alaska Flag
Arizona (15) Arizona Flag
Arkansas (4) Arkansas Flag
California (63) California Flag
Colorado (16)
Connecticut (8)
Delaware (3)
Florida (25)
Georgia (11)
Hawaii (11)
Idaho (7)
Illinois (21)
Indiana (10)
Iowa (10)
Kansas (2)
Kentucky (4)
Louisiana (4)
Maine (4)
Maryland (3)
Massachusetts (13)
Michigan (14)
Minnesota (10)
Mississippi (1)
Missouri (16)
Montana (3)
Nebraska (14)
Nevada (9)
New Hampshire (4)
New Jersey (14)
New Mexico (2)
New York (42)
North Carolina (16)
North Dakota (3) Flag of North Dakota
Ohio (20)
Oklahoma (4)
Oregon (11)
Pennsylvania (15)
Rhode Island (5)
South Carolina (6)
South Dakota (4)
Tennessee (19)
Texas (22)
Utah (5)
Vermont (9)
Virginia (6)
Washington (14)
West Virginia (1)
Wisconsin (11)
Wyoming (1)

Make Sure Your Dog Stays of the Internet
Written By: Randy Glasbergen

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