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Wal-Mart Cutting More than Just Cost
Apparently, government cutbacks in food stamp programs has caused somewhat of a shortfall in sales. The company is now expecting an increase in sales of only 2-3 percent from last year's $473.1 billio... Read More


The Container Store Pops Open the Secret to Successful Retailing
While other retailers, like Wal-Mart, are scrambling to stay out of the limelight for its poor handling of all things human resources, one retailer stands heads above the competition. ... Read More


Tesla: The Enemy Within
The big, bad, automakers are fighting hard against the new guy on the block because they want to sell cars direct to the customers. ... Read More


Retail Doesn't Pay? The Container Store's CEO Disagrees
Founder and CEO Kip Tindell believes in 'employees first' and he backs his words with the almighty dollar. Happy employees, after all, are more productive, and those results speak through his company'... Read More



The Sharing Economy: The Information Age Brings Back the "We"
One of the benefits of the Information Age is that it opens up new opportunities for business that deviate from the standard model. We use these products and services in our daily lives, but it wasn't... Read More


What's up with Facebook's Purchase of WhatsApp?
If you feel Facebook keeps getting bigger and more complicated, you aren't wrong. WhatsApp is one of several purchases made by the mega social networking company in the past year. The $22 billion sale... Read More

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Hope He Doesn't Roll a Gutter Ball
Written By: Off The Mark Cartoons, Mark Parisi

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