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Buying American Made Products
Made in America, Made in the USA, and American Made are all phrases we are proud to see and hear in our current environment of "The Cheap;" a phra... Read More

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The Chicken Flu: Eggs, Poultry Prices to Increase
An avian flu outbreak continues to devastate the Midwest poultry industry and that means prices of chicken, turkey, and eggs are going to increase... Read More


A Baseball Love Story: Wilson Buys Louisville Slugger
Wilson Sporting Goods, the manufacturer of Major League Baseball's (MLB) official fielding glove and catchers' protective gear, has purchased the official bat of the MLB—the Louisville Slugger... Read More

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Put the Power Back into the Hands of Small Business with 3D Printers
This technological revolution has put the power back in the hands of small business owners... Read More


How Much Does Government Regulation Cost?
The subject of government regulation is one of the most heated and contentious political debates in the country... Read More

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Tesla Energy: How One Company Can Destroy the Power Grid (and why you will be okay without it)
The Powerwall is stackable, so homes that start with the basic 10 kWh for $3,500 will have enough energy to power basics during an electrical outage (refrigerator, charge electronics, coffee maker, et... Read More


The SuperTruck: An 18-Wheeler with Incredible Gas Mileage
The SuperTruck is the brainchild of Freightliner, Inc. and the U.S. Department of Energy's 5-year, $115 million joint venture to improve fuel economy ... Read More

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Walking on Water
Written By: Nate Fakes

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