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Contaminated Spices: More than You Bargained For

Written By: Phil Davis

According to Food Sentry.Org, when spices are purchased from foreign countries, they may contain harmful substances such as salmonella, pesticides, and toxic metal particles. The danger of poisoning is very real. In recent news, spices from India were reported to have toxic

Manufacturers Focus Main Concerns on the Future: ACA & Balanced Budget

Written By: Online-Ocean

The Affordable Health Care Act (ACA) is now a reality, going into effect in 2014. Depending upon whom you ask, this will mean either chaos, or the dawning of secure medical coverage for a country that is still healing from deep wounds received during one of the greatest fina

Is It Really Made in America

Written By: : Brenda Walker

You have finally made the commitment to buy only American made products whenever possible. What a great decision for you and for the country. Now comes the tough part. How do you know if it is really made in America?

Not an American Company Anymore

Written By: Courtney Moore

Once a foreign company buys out an American firm, it is free to promote its own products. When it acquires an American company, it inherits with it, a proven delivery system for products along with an established market.

Reshoring and What It Means for America

Written By: Tricia Drevets

America’s manufacturers are reversing the discouraging reshoring/outsourcing trend seen earlier this century and are bringing more of their business back to the United States. What it means for America when organizations "reshore" back to the states, reflects more jobs for

What America Does Best

Written By: Tricia Drevets

And, most importantly, we can continue to do what we always do best: come up with and get behind great ideas. We are nation of vibrant rabble-rousers. We will continue to re-invent ourselves, but our core will remain the same. We are rooted in a desire to be judged not by w

Grillonomics; the True Value of Outdoor Cooking

Written By: Phil Davis

Envision the summer weekend tradition: a barbeque in the park with coolers full of ice and packed with drinks and those great side dishes displayed on the table, while the master of outdoor ceremonies, the grill, is heating up. That grill stands sturdy and strong, aged but

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