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The TPP: Politicians Aren't Ashamed of Taking Our Jobs

Written By: Phil Davis

May 2015

Politicians are after our jobs again and it seems they are not even ashamed of admitting it. We are referring to the Trans-Pacific Partnership or TPP and the divided Congress, which is considering giving President Obama authority to “fast-track” its secret negotiations among a dozen nations—some of which are job destroying, low wage countries, such as Vietnam.

There has been plenty of political bluster on why this trade pact is needed, even suggesting that if we don’t have a pact with Asian nations, China will be calling all the shots, even though China is not part of the pact—it’s the old worn out “it is a national security issue,” whatever that really means.

Back in the USA News Story: The TPP: Politicians Aren't Ashamed of Taking Our Jobs.

Even as Congress is debating this issue, language was included that would finance programs to help Americans receive retraining due to the jobs that will be lost, which is nothing more than an admission of the carnage that is sure to follow.

We will be writing more in the future weeks on the TPP deal and all its trappings, but for now, a very strange way of promoting the TPP by Mr. Obama happened just today, May 8, 2015.

To “open up new markets and support high-quality jobs,” as the White House puts it, Mr. Obama will defend the trade pact at the corporate headquarter of Nike, Inc. in Oregon, the maker of athletic apparel and shoes. He will highlight his vision that lower tariffs with other nations will benefit Americans, consumers, and workers.

Here’s the weird part. Nike makes nothing here; all their products are made in low wage countries, like Vietnam. Even supporters of the trade deal were surprised, since most presidents under similar circumstances would visit an export firm, rather than a company who championed the outsourcing of jobs, as Nike has. The company’s early beginning was as a distributor for a Japanese shoemaker.

As strange as this setting may be, make no mistake, whichever of the two political parties you may be attached to, they both support more globalization, to the detriment to American manufacturing and job growth. There are a few who are fighting in congress to stop this craziness, mainly on the Democratic side, but not all. Hopefully, they can help stop another NAFTA in the making, which was a disaster.

So once again the lesson we learn—as Back in the USA's Manifesto pointed out—we can’t trust our politicians to do the right thing, they will default to big money and big multinational companies every time, and it is up to us—the individual—to collectively make changes. The answer is being determined to buy American.


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