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A Quick Review of Zero Tolerance: Have our Schools Gone Insane?

Written By: Christine Dantz

Zero tolerance is a common school policy that has children handcuffed for tantrums and outlaws imaginary weapons. With this, flexibility and common sense are apparently dead in America. Each day the list grows. School officials harm America's children with unreasonable punishments for minor infractions and then wonder why school shootings keep happening.

  • In 2005, a 5-year old girl in St. Petersburg, FL made headlines after police handcuffed and brought her to the police station for a temper tantrum. Police in Milledgeville, GA handcuffed and arrested a 6-year old girl, charging her with battery and criminal damage to property. In both cases, this was their first offense. In today's three-strike world, both girls will receive a life sentence for hair pulling in eighth grade.
  • At Public School 114 in the Bronx, resulted in a 7-year old boy charged with robbery by the NYPD after another student reported he took the $5 that fell out of his pocket at school. How much did the school and police spend harassing a child instead of helping him and using public funds for real criminals?
  • In early 2011, another 7-year old boy in New Jersey and future criminal mastermind, found himself charged with possessing an imitation firearm-a bright-colored toy gun, similar to a Nerf weapon. It's unknown how many victims the soft foam balls killed.
Back in the USA editorial: A Quick Review of Zero Tolerance: Have our Schools Gone Insane?



  • Eight-year old Christan Morales learned a valuable lesson about American troops-it's inappropriate to show soldiers with guns, even if they are plastic and less than two inches in length. Remember kids, soldiers don't really carry guns or kill anyone, even during war.
  • At Public School 52 in Staten Island, a 9-year old boy brandished a toy gun at lunch and was suspended-it was a plastic Lego gun. Again, the number of victims in this case is unknown.
  • Johnny Jones, a 10-year old student in Pennsylvania was suspended for using his imagination to shoot a fellow classmate. Imitating a bow-and-arrow, he aimed and "fired" at a friend who just "shot" him with his imagination. That will teach those boys the consequences of freethinking and playing without electronics!
  • In Smyrna, Tenn., school officials sentenced a 10-year old boy to sit at the "silent table" for five days. Nicholas Taylor dared to respond to a classmate who suggested his piece of pizza resembled a gun by picking it up and pointing it at other students in the lunchroom. Officials point out that he threatened to shoot other students …with his pizza.
Back in the USA editorial: A Quick Review of Zero Tolerance: Have our Schools Gone Insane?



  • The story of six-year old Hunter Yelton kissing another first-grader, a girl, on the hand made headlines when the young lad was suspended for "sexual harassment." Undoubtedly, this type of "display" under the watchful eyes of school officials, deems the young boy a sexual deviant before he even understands where babies come from.
  • Meanwhile, another 5-year old boy in North Carolina was suspended from school for making a gesture with his hands...a gun. Thankfully, he did not give his classmate "the finger"...that would most likely have warranted a full expulsion from school.
Back in the USA editorial: A Quick Review of Zero Tolerance: Have our Schools Gone Insane?

If school officials need a clue, it's simple…lighten up. The human brain doesn't fully develop until early adulthood. No one deserves a life-long label for losing control when they were five or six-years old. Children need creativity and imagination. They need to learn that not everything is black and white. America took this approach with criminal law and now minor offenders' crowd taxpayer-funded prisons. Zero tolerance is just a prelude to the three-strike rule. With this treatment, children who make one mistake become school shooters or future lifers, and only a few lucky ones will survive.


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