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Our mission is to promote USA manufacturing and educate the American public on why it is so critical to support American Made products. The people who follow us are patriots, manufacturers, employment seekers, environmentalists, and individuals who just appreciate quality and long lasting products. You can also visit our store. to purchase our curated US Made products.


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 Made in USA flatware, forks, knives, spoons, liberty tabletop

 Lincoln Logs Made in the USA

 Made in USA Carts and Wagons, Alumacart

 Made in USA Air Purifiers

Buying American Made Products
Made in America, Made in the USA, and American Made are all phrases we are proud to see and hear in our current environment of "The Cheap;" a phra... Read More

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Trade Agreements U.S. Steel Says China

Trade Agreements, Dumping, and Hacking: U.S. Steel Says China's Guilty!
"The Chinese industry has formed a cartel that sets purchase and sale prices, and controls production and export volumes to target markets."... Read More

China Stealing Corn Seeds

China's Attack on America: From Computer Hacking to Stealing Corn Seeds
China's continued invasion on the American way of life exceeds the limitations of hacking terabytes of information via the internet. Iowa farmers are finding themselves under siege by seed stealing Ch... Read More

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A Change in the American Dream

A Change in the American Dream?
While home sales are starting to pick up after the financial crisis, that uptick is slow, and the actual percentage of home owners isn’t increasing. In fact, it’s going down.... Read More

Wasting AND Wanting: Food Waste in America

Wasting AND Wanting: Food Waste in America
Food waste is a little discussed but growing problem in the United States, with experts estimating that anywhere between 30 and 40 percent of all food grown, produced, prepared, and purchased in the U... Read More

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Military Tech That Can Save Countless Lives

Military Tech That Can Save Countless Lives Approved for Civilian Use
This is a great example of how military-funded projects can go on to benefit civilians... Read More


Boeing and DARPA to Develop Advanced "Bubble Shield" to Save Lives in Battle
Thanks to the combined efforts of Boeing and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) a new, lifesaving video game technology is officially in development. ... Read More

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This cartoon has been around the internet for awhile but still is relevant. And, probably will always will be.See More Cartoons

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