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Ending on a Positive Note: The U.S. Team Sweaters, Made in California

Written By: Christine Dantz

With the closing ceremony of the troubled 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, U.S. officials can sigh one breath of relief; the sweaters this year were knit by hand in Commerce, Cali. After the fashion fiasco that shamed America during the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, this ends the economic portion of the historic event on a positive note.


American Women-Manufacturers Want You to Weld

Written By: Christine Dantz

Many employers recognize women often have steadier hands than men do, as well as more patience. These qualities are vital when working with temperatures that exceed 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Manufacturing employers are seeking workers with the following educational background, skills, traits, and talents:


The Bad Karma of Walmart

Written By: Phil Davis

It appears that Walmart is discovering that "KARMA" applies even to big businesses. The leader of cheap retailers – Walmart – posted lower profits for its fourth quarter of 0.31 cents per share. The retailer’s profits fell to $4.43 billion ($1.36 a share) from $5.61 billion ($1.67 a share) reported a year earlier for the same quarter.


Do You Trust Walmart

Written By: Phil Davis

Walmart’s business model is that it produces most of its products outside the USA, primarily in China. So is it any wonder they would like to change that image to a more home-spun message of creating American jobs. So the question is: can Walmart be trusted?


US Exports Reached $2.3 Trillion in 2013

Written By: Christine Dantz

While mainstream media sources have been busy fighting back-and-forth about the U.S. nearing third-world economic status, American companies were busy doing their jobs-completing business transactions and boosting the economy.


Truth in Cartoons

Written By: BackintheUSA Staff

Truth in Cartoons by Grin and Bear it.


U.S. Automakers Brace for Impact of the Chinese Electric Cars

Written By: Brenda (B.K.) Walker

As U.S. automakers continue to struggle with the delivery of an affordable electric car to American consumers, the Chinese prepare to enter the U.S. market with a few of their own.


Posters:Union Reminder a First Amendment Violation

Written By: Christine Dantz

The disagreement began in January of 2009 when President Obama signed an Executive Order requiring all employers to display pro-union posters in view of employees. Similar to the posters the Department of Labor already requires to advise employees of their basic rights including minimum wage, overtime, safety, equal opportunity, and other information. The pro-union posting would advise employees of their right to join and


Textile Manufacturing Is Coming To Town

Written By: Online-Ocean

Today, the foreign-based manufacturers moving to the United States represent some of the world’s most respected brands. The landscape for the manufacturing business has changed. Manufacturers operate in a fast-paced, interconnected global economy now more than ever before, and one of the biggest sectors is the Textile Industry.


Cheap Price = Cheap Product: Recall Alert

Written By: Brenda (B.K.) Walker

According to sources, retail mega-giant, Walmart is recalling over 73,000 units of card table sets made in Taiwan and China. The product is sold exclusively by Walmart, which has received multiple reports of injuries spanning from sprains to amputations.

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