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Was it China Again? Millions of Federal Government Employee Records Hacked

Written By: Christine Dantz

June 2015

Chinese hackers have allegedly stolen four million current and retired federal employees' personal information in a massive security breach reveled by U.S. officials on Thursday June 4. Investigators believe the perpetrators of the hack were the same group that stole information from over ten million of Anthem Insurance customers earlier in 2015.

According to officials, the latest hack may be the largest cybersecurity breach in the federal government's history. Experts believe the information stolen is part of a larger attack that could happen in the near future against America.
The information stolen will allow anyone to impersonate federal employees and gain access to physical locations throughout the country and around the world that would allow for a major cyber-attack against America.

The latest attack also identifies large holes in U.S. government agencies cybersecurity.

Back in the USA News Story: Was it China Again? Millions of Federal Government Employee Records Hacked.

Read the complete article: China might be building vast database of federal worker info, experts say


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