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Iranian Hackers Hit NYC Dam in . . .2013?

Written By: Christine Dantz

Americans are just learning now about a huge lapse in security

December 2015

There's been a lot of focus on Iranian plutonium, but we rarely hear about Iranian hackers, which is a huge problem. Americans are just now learning about a serious hack committed in 2013, when hackers gained access to the dam just outside of the city's five boroughs, in Rye Brook, New York.

What Happened?

The details are fuzzy, even though it's been over two years.


It's classified.

Here are the details that we do know about the hack that occurred six times between August 22 and September 27, 2013:

  • The hack didn't cause any damage
  • Hackers learned how the flood control system for the dam works
  • The dam hackers also hacked three American finance firms
  • Like the Chinese hacks, the Iranian hacks appear to be information gathering missions
  • A group, SOBH Cyber Jihad has claimed responsibility for the hack

What is being done to prevent future attacks? How can government officials provide American citizens with proof that the country is cyber-secure without giving away national security? These are all big questions that America needs answered now, with real figures, facts, and plans, rather than hiding behind the age-old excuse of “classified information.” This is the information age, and Americans deserve better transparency in government.

Back in the USA News Story:Iranian Hackers Hit NYC Dam in . . .2013?

Following the Chinese hackers that stole millions of government identification records, as well as massive data breaches from top U.S. companies, neither the public or private sector has proven they can protect their data, leaving America's future even more vulnerable than it already is now.

Read more of the CNBC report: Iranian Hackers Claim Cyber Attack on New York Dam

Gosk, Stephanie, Tom Winter, and Tracy Connor. "Iranian Hackers Claim Cyber Attack on New York Dam." NBC News. December 23, 2015. Accessed December 25, 2015.

"Iranian Hackers 'targeted' New York Dam - BBC News." BBC News. December 21, 2015. Accessed December 25, 2015.


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