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Healthy Eating Made Easier With Local/Regional Food Businesses and Projects

Written By: Brenda (B.K.) Walker

July 2015

As more and more Americans become aware of the growing revolution against genetically modified foods (GMOs) and the massive corporate machine driving how and what we eat, there is another revolution of sorts taking place—the move to a more organic lifestyle.

Back in the USA News Story: Healthy Eating Made Easier With Local/Regional Food Businesses and Projects.

The big issue with eating healthier, non-GMO foods, has been the cost and the access to less expensive organically grown foods more often found at farmers markets. But that problem is getting a little smaller, thanks to the great work of community leaders and activists across the country—well, and some financial backing from government funded projects.

NPR reports that sales from local growers has increased over $6 billion from 2008 to 2014.

"...the U.S. Department of Agriculture pinpoints more than 4,000 local and regional food businesses and projects—from food hubs to farm-to-school programs to initiatives to expand healthy food access to low-income communities—in every state around the country." (See the map and get more information about your area)

Investments in these projects by local and federal governments is proof positive that Americans do want to eat healthier and the government is support that desire. According to the USDA

"Since 2009, the Obama Administration has made targeted investments to help rural businesses grow. [...] As part of our commitment to strengthening rural economies, USDA announced a new state-by-state 'Made in Rural America' report illustrating the impact of the USDA investments in rural communities." (See what your state's been up to #RuralMade Across the Country)

Many direct-to-consumer outlets and farmers markets are now accepting SNAP (food stamps)—2014 marked the start of a program that doubled the SNAP benefits when buying vegetables and fruits from local vendors—the program was funded with $100 million—with $19 million worth of benefits redeemed by recipients at farmers markets across the country.

Back in the USA News Story: Healthy Eating Made Easier With Local/Regional Food Businesses and Projects.

Granted, there's still more work to be done—but this is a great start to the movement of affordable—healthy—locally and regionally grown and sold produce.

Read more of the NPR Report: Communities Get a Lift As Local Food Sales Surge to $11 Billion A Year


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