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Kevlar Helmets Saving Lives

Written By: Brenda (B.K.) Walker

Imagine what it would be like to have bullets zinging past your head in a war zone. Now, imagine what it would feel like to have one of those bullets hit you in the head. U.S. Marine, Cpl. Erik Villagran knows that feeling, all too well.

Back in the USA News Story: Kevlar Helmets Saving Lives
U.S. Marine, Cpl. Erik Villagran show his helemt

"He says, 'Everything went black. I knew I got hit with something. It sounded like a grenade or a small improvised explosive device.'"

Thanks to new protective Kevlar Helmets, made by DuPont, more American soldiers are living to tell the tales of surviving direct hits to their helmets. Submachine-gun bullets, not to mention other artillery fragments are an everyday occurrence on the battlefield, which is why DuPont's Kevlar is expected to better protect the soldiers "and absorb 2-% more kinetic energy than the previous helmet technology."

Read more about DuPont's Kevlar Helmets: Kevlar Helmets Saving Marines from Sniper Shots to the Head


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