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The DeLorean is Back from the Past

Written By: Christine Dantz

January 2016

To be honest, America's iconic 1980's car, the DeLorean, never truly left. The car, made famous by the cult classic movie series, "Back to the Future," is still being repaired for nostalgic owners with the cash to pay for a refurbished unit. But now the DeLorean is really coming back !

 John DeLorean and The DeLorean DMC-12
(photo retrieved from Wikipedia; File: DMC publicity photo.jpg)

A new law for low-volume manufacturing is shedding a new light on John DeLorean's iconic design. The original company went belly up, after only producing 9,000 vehicles, following the designer's arrest for trafficking cocaine in 1982.

Stephen Wynne, a mechanic, started a new company with the bankrupt company's name, purchasing the parts and logo for the original DeLorean Motor Company in 1995 and restores the original DeLorean's' at his Houston, Texas location.

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The new law will only apply to replica vehicles that will resemble the body of a car manufactured a minimum of 25 years ago, but will be able to purchase the engine and other parts to pass emissions and other road-ready requirements.

One last stipulation, manufacturers are limited to 325 replicas a year. That's just one reason that these hot new classics will hit the sales floors in 2017 starting around $100,000 each. Of course, the DeLorean is just the tip of the iceberg with this new manufacturing law! Get ready for a future bright with the option of everything from the 1932 Ford to the 1965 Cobra.

For your enjoyment here is a very accurate replica of Doc Brown's DeLorean time machine.

Replica of a Delorean
Replica of a Delorean at night

You can read more about the law and what it brings for the future of small-scale manufacturing in America, Small-volume carmakers get a big break in Motor Vehicle Safety Act


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