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New Anti-Dumping Rates Increase for Tire Imports from China

Written By: Christine Dantz

The U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) regulates anti-dumping rates or import duties on certain items sold in the country. Dumping occurs when a foreign manufacturer floods a market with a product at a price below fair market value. (You can get the full explanation of the anti-dumping duty at

Responding to a complaint filed by the United Steelworkers (USW) that also represents the United Rubber Works (URW), the DOC agreed with the Unions that the tire imports from China were undercutting American workers.

The USW represents 28,000 American tire workers. This decision by the agency brings those workers back towards fair trade in the U.S., helping them retain their jobs.

The new duties can be applied 90 days back and will affect the majority of tire importers with a 27.72 percent duty. The agency expects a final ruling to confirm the new charges in June 2015.

Back in the USA News Story:  New Anti-Dumping Rates Increase for Tire Imports from China.

Read the full Industry Week article: Commerce Department Levies Anti-dumping Duties on Tires Made in China


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