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500 motorists a year die from tire failure

NTSB: Tire Recall System, "Completely Broken"

Written By: Christine Dantz

October 2015

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) cried “oops” on Tuesday, October 28 over a major flaw in the tire recall system that’s supposed to help keep Americans safe. According to the agency’s acting director of the Office of Highway Safety, Dr. Rob Molloy,

“Based on the work we did, that system is not working. It is completely broken.”

Accident investigators from the agency said that 33,000 accidents kill over 500 motorists each year because of tire defects, and less than half of those tires are recalled. The NTBS report further garnered that a mere 44% of the 3.2 million tires recalled between 2009 and 2013 were actually completed.

Cars are registered, but their tires have no tracking system. Even with a system to find and report the defect, the lack of registration for independent tire dealers leaves no one to notify that they may have purchased a defective tire.

With food safety, state and federal agencies can issue a press release to ‘anyone who purchased (enter product name) from (enter participating retailer)’ to check a serial number or purchase date. Such a system for tires wouldn’t infringe on privacy, it could save hundreds of lives each year.

Back in the USA News Story:NTSB: Tire Recall System,

Learn more about the problem and how the agency plans to fix it in the full article on NBC News, System to Recall Defective Tires 'Completely Broken,' Says Official

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