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Solar Poop to the Rescue!

Written By: Christine Dantz

A group of engineers led by Karl Linden, a University of Colorado at Boulder environmental engineering professor, is working to solve the world poop crisis with solar power. Initial, funding for the waterless toilet came from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.


Boston Scientific: Heart Beats and Pacemakers

Written By: Brenda (B.K.) Walker

According to the CDC, approximately 600,000 people die in the United States, each year, from heart disease. It is the leading cause of death, with Coronary heart disease listed as the most common type of heart disease. In America, some 720,000 people suffer a heart attack. The United States spends approximately $108.9 billion each year due to Coronary heart disease.


Hemp: The Movie of Our Lives

Written By: A. Coffin

Part 1 of 3... Don’t miss reading this series!

Our new three part series this week is on Industrial Hemp, not to be confused with the one which make you high, but demonized just the same. After reading this series you will be asking: Why? Read about this new “budding” industry taking root.


Hemp: The Plot Thickens, aka "What the Hell Happened?"

Written By: A. Coffin

Part 2 of our 3 Part, not to be missed, series.  As the Bud turns... The Plot thickens.

No doubt, after reading the first segment, you are likely wondering "What the Hell Happened?" After all, it seems a perfectly good option to consider for any country, especially the United States of America


Hemp: The Hero in the Spotlight

Written By: A. Coffin

And now part 3 of 3 of our hemp series.  Did you enjoy it?

Does farming Hemp seem like it could be in your future?  New industries are exciting and don’t come around that often.   Thanks for reading our series and let us know what you think by sending us an email.


How to fold a Fitted Sheet

Written By: Living On A

You may be able to code software or are working on a cure for cancer, but can you fold a fitted sheet? For me, this belongs in our 'high tech' section for obvious reasons. This woman needs to be given a Nobel Prize.


Medical Technology That Will Save Lives in Combat

Written By: Christine Dantz

RevMedX's contribution to medical tech will save lives and limbs by stopping bleeding within the first three minutes, a critical step in gunshot wounds. In particular, it gives medical professionals another option in wounds on areas of the body that they can't use a tourniquet.

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