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Goodyear: Concept Tires That Will Blow Your Mind!

Written By: Christine Dantz

March 2015

You've heard of the concept car, well Goodyear is showing off the concept tire—two of them—and they are so revolutionary, it could change the automobile industry forever!

What could be new about tires, you ask? The two new concept tires not only look different, they perform differently than anything else on the market. Both concept tires, the BHO3 and the Triple Tube, were unveiled at the Geneva International Motor Show held earlier this month.

Back in the USA Tech news: Goodyear: Concept Tires That Will Blow Your Mind!

Above is the BHO3Tire

The BHO3 tire's rotation generates electricity via the heat that comes from the tires' rotation. It is then converted to power the vehicle. This is great news for the electric car industry. If Goodyear can perfect the product, it can ease a fear that prevents people from purchasing an electric vehicle, running out of power.

Back in the USA Tech news: Goodyear: Concept Tires That Will Blow Your Mind!

Above is the Triple Tube Tire

The Triple Tube tire has 3-tubes inside the tire, allowing it to adjust inflation pressure—on its own—depending on the road conditions:

  • The Eco/Safety position-all three tubes are at maximum inflation, which reduces rolling resistance
  • The Sporty position-the inboard shoulder tube's inflation is reduced "giving drivers dry handling through an optimized contact patch
  • The Wet Traction position-the center tube has maximum inflation providing "high aquaplaning resistance through a raised trend in the center of the tire

Read the full details of Goodyear's concept tires: These Two New Goodyear Concept Tires Could Completely Revolutionize Driving as we Know It!


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