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Putin Developing Army of Killer Cyborgs, Fulfills Childhood Dream

Written By: Christine Dantz

May 2015

While most children dream of a pony for their birthday, Russian Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, already had a pony. So what did the little Russian dictator dream of when he was a child? Apparently, younger Vladimir dreamed of having his own army of killer cyborgs.

Now, according to the Russian-state ran media, that dream is a mere five years away! Yes, you read that correctly and no, it's not a plot from a future SyFy Channel Original movie, it's really happening. The PM will soon have the tool he needs to complete his true desire, world domination.

Back in the USA News Story: Putin Developing Army of Killer Cyborgs, Fulfills Childhood Dream .

The Moscow Times reports that the "Russian army may have superhuman mind-

controlled Exoskeletons in 5 years."

Wait, that's not all. State run Sputnik News reports that soldiers wearing the advanced tech gear will have superhuman strength, with the suits allowing them to carry over 600 pounds of gear, while increasing their endurance and agility.

The army will work as a collective, linked together as one and controlled by a single integrated computer.

To get a better understanding, think of Jean-Luc Picard's nemesis, the Borg from Star Trek the Next Generation combined with Robocop, and of course, Tony Stark and his Ironman suit.

According to Sputnik, the "suit" is an exoskeleton built to, ". . . assist the wearer by boosting his strength and endurance."

Back in the USA News Story: Putin Developing Army of Killer Cyborgs, Fulfills Childhood Dream .

Russian soldiers will have the ability to leap extraordinary bounds and throw heavy objects long distances with the exoskeleton.

This will allow soldiers

"In the medical sphere they can be used to assist patients with injuries or who are too overweight to move."

Or world domination . . .

In the meantime, U.S. companies are doing this:

  • It's not a robot that a soldier can wear, however, it can help in place of a solider, thereby saving American lives-the 510 PackBot is a tactical mobile robot that can perform duties in surveillance, radiological and nuclear detection, clear buildings and routes of explosives, and complete reconnaissance for soldiers; the bot manufactured by iRobot looks like a miniature version of Short Circuit's Johnny 5, however, PackBot doesn't have Johnny's unique personality
  • The Modular Advanced Armed Robotic System (MAARS) is a military robot that has a M240B machine gun with 400 rounds, sensors, and follow orders mindlessly for hours
  • Legged Squat Support System (LS3) the U.S. Military's robotic mule that can carry 400 pounds of cargo for 20 miles without refueling and has the nickname of "Cujo"

On a more interesting note, I wonder if Putin will publish a picture of himself riding bareback and shirtless on one of his killer cyborgs.


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