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Doctor Who? Meet America's Next Doctor

Written By: Christine Dantz

You may have heard (or felt) the doctor, or more appropriately, doctor-less health problems in America. Well, there's no reason to worry, the country's newest doctor is in, and it's time to meet it. Yes, you read that correctly-it. This MD isn't human, and it doesn't have a gender (or a license to practice medicine, which might be more important). Meet America's next Doc, the iDoc.

Back in the USA news story: Doctor Who? Meet America's Next Doctor

Genderless and unlicensed, nonetheless, both options are better than no options. If you stop to think about the two billion people without access to medical care, it's easy to see the point. Born in the U.S., the iDoc can perform hundreds of tests using just a single drop of blood. This allows the licensed doctor to diagnose patients faster and for a fraction of the cost.

According to the DNA Medical Institute, the new medical technology is easy to use and requires little training.

Read more about this fascinating advancement: Robot doctor: Handheld device diagnoses 100s of conditions from single blood drop


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