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Medical Technology That Will Save Lives in Combat

Written By: Christine Dantz

Technology developed by a small startup in Oregon will save lives, not only during combat, but also in other emergent situations, with tiny, injectable sponges. The pill-sized sponges will bring more American troops home alive, and not in a body bag. According to the U.S. Army Institute of Surgical Research, 80 percent of battlefield causalities come from external hemorrhaging, or, bleeding out. X-Stat can prevent an estimated half of those numbers by temporarily stopping the bleeding.

Developed by RevMedX, the injectable sponges are made of wood pulp and covered in chitosan. Derived from lobster, shrimp, and other crustacean's shells, chitosan is a natural coagulant, has antibacterial properties, and is biodegradable. Injected with a syringe that is available in two sizes, the sponges have a four-hour shelf life. The one-centimeter super-expanding sponge includes an x-ray material so doctors can locate and remove it later. Each syringe contains 92 sponges. A single syringe is simple to use and can absorb almost 300 millimeters of blood and other fluids.

RevMedX's contribution to medical tech will save lives and limbs by stopping bleeding within the first three minutes, a critical step in gunshot wounds. In particular, it gives medical professionals another option in wounds on areas of the body that they can't use a tourniquet. X-Stat received a $5 million contract from the Department of Defense (DOD) for the final development of the product.

With the help of a priority push from the DOD, the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of X-Stat on April 3, 2014. Simple to use, they will be available commercially direct through RevMedX. The amazing, natural, and simple product will save lives on and off the battlefield starting now.

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