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Military Tech That Can Save Countless Lives Approved for Civilian Use

Written By: Christine Dantz

December 2015

There is good news coming out of the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for civilian first responders and other medical professionals in wound care advancement. The XSTAT 30, a device that can stop severe bleeding in seconds, has been approved for civilian use.

The device, already in use for a few years by the U.S. military, can now go a long way in saving lives in everyday urban warfare, as well as the abundant number of severe automobile and other accidents that take lives because medical professionals cannot control the bleeding.

So, how does this revolutionary product work?

XSTAT 30 looks like a large syringe filled with small, white pills, but they aren’t pills, they are special sponges. The 92 compressed sponges are made of a plant cellulose that is coated in an antimicrobial compound called chitosan that is found in crustacean shells.

This is a great example of how military-funded projects can go on to benefit civilians.

Read more about the latest tool for emergency medicine in America at Digital Trends, XSTAT 30, the amazing device that stops bleeding in seconds, is now approved for civilian use


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