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Predicting Alzheimer's With a Blood Test

Written By: Christine Dantz

March 2015

Alzheimer's is a debilitating disease of the mind that rips apart families. A new blood test currently in development is the fastest known way to detect the neurological disease as far as ten years in advance of the condition's symptoms.

According to a presentation at the Society for Neuroscience Conference in Washington in November 2014, initial trials of the test have proven 100 percent accurate. This is amazing news for the families of the more than 5 million Americans living with Alzheimer's disease. Because the disease is hereditary, it can provide answers today to help family members prepare for tomorrow.

NanoSomiX, a California biotech firm that specializes in neurodegenerative diseases, is conducting the long-term study of the test. The firm plans to market the test commercially following the successful completion of the study.

The blood detection test is one of three Alzheimer's tests announced by scientists in 2014. The tests detect properties of Alzheimer's and dementia, predicting dementia with 90 percent accuracy within three years of the onset of symptoms.

Back in the USA News Story, New Tech: Predicting Alzheimer's With a Blood Test.

Learn more about the progress of NanoSomiX: Alzheimer's Test Detects Disease Decade Ahead of Onset


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