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U.S. Military Wants Unmanned Ambulances and Robot Medics for Battlefield Extraction

Written By: Christine Dantz

April 2016

It's undeniable that war is deadly, but U.S. Military leaders want to change that or at least reduce the number of fatal battle wounds with the use of unmanned field ambulances and robot medics. The transport wouldn't be far, just to the nearest mobile army medical unit and the medic would not replace actual doctors and nurses, just assist their human counterparts to improve the mortality rate of American soldiers.

The most recent request came late last year at a conference that was sponsored by the Association of the U.S. Army by Major General Steve Jones. The Major General is the commander of the Army Medical Department Center; he knows better than anyone the number medics lives that can be saved by utilizing robots in battlefield extraction.

In the meantime, while the U.S. is talking about the need for new, lifesaving tech, an Israeli company has already built it!

U.S. Military Wants Unmanned Ambulances and Robot Medics for Battlefield Extraction
"An operation is performed on a wounded soldier at the 8209th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital, twenty miles from the front lines on August 4, 1952."

As for a medic that can help injured soldiers that are wounded and unable to get into the AirMule, that's still on someone's drawing board. Hopefully we will have more to report on this life-saving idea soon!

Read more about the AirMule, an unmanned air ambulance: AirMule 'drone ambulance' makes first untethered flight

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